PSA ad campaign for print and digital media featuring a new website and magazine.

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Your Dental Health

Your Dental Health Website

I designed the Your Dental Health website for the BC Dental Association. The site needed to be consumer-friendly with a variety of featured areas on the home page to promote timely information.

Your Dental Health Magazine Spread

As Art Director for Your Dental Health I worked with writers and editors to create a consumer-friendly magazine to promote dental health care and prevention. I was responsible for designing the overall look and feel of the magazine and creating individual page layouts for each article.

Your Dental Health Magazine
Your Dental Health Magazine Design

I designed print ads for magazines, bus shelters and other out-of-home media and created graphics for use in television and YouTube ad spots.

Your Dental Health Ad Campaign
Your Dental Health Ad Campaign

The present state of the site may have been modified from it’s original design and as such may no longer represent the original concepts. Shown above is the site at project completion.

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